super bowl 48 and the seattle seahawks come to new york

on February 2, 2014
in Brian D. Oakes

I have been a Seattle Seahawks’ fan since as long as I can remember.. more specifically 1986. I was a kid and I saw a commercial for Ivory Soap featuring a football player named Steve Largent. As a kid I knew very little about the sport of football, but there was something about that blue and green bird logo that caught my eye. Since then I’ve been a dedicated Seahawks’ fan traveling to Seattle for as many games as possible and was even fortunate enough to see them in Super Bowl XL in Detroit. Unfortunately that Super Bowl did not go in our favor.

It is Sunday afternoon here in New York and I cannot believe that the team 3,000 miles away that I’ve been following since I’m a kid is playing in the Super Bowl in my home region at a stadium just 40 minutes away. I am excited to be able to enjoy this game with my cousin and all of my friends from out of area who have become family to me over all these years.

Go Hawks!

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