web design and development

12 years of proven experience in web & eCommerce design

brian d. oakes has project managed, designed and developed over 250 website & eCommerce implementations for multiple Fortune 500 companies, professional sports franchises and charitable organizations. brian d. oakes focuses his project plan on not only creating visually & aesthetically pleasing websites, but also on ensuring the websites are fully functional and extremely user friendly while maintaining high rankings on web visibility through top rated search engine optimization techniques and procedures.

| effective web design has many important facets |
  • define the needs and target audience of your web presence
  • create a intuitive and perpetual navigation structure, layout, logic and flow that allows the users to move freely around the website without feeling lost.
  • create and deliver the right visual message through branding and effective web graphic elements.
  • attract users and drive traffic to the website, through web visibility and search engine optimization
  • measure analytics and statistics of site to improve and increase it’s effectiveness and overall profitability

* note: each of the featured websites in this portfolio are independently owned and operated by it’s respective company and it’s website design may have been changed since brian d. oakes has completed his creative works on these assignments. the storyboards featured on this portfolio website are for editorial purposes only and brian d. oakes does not promote or endorse any of the companies or products and services sold as the content is independently managed by it’s respective company.

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